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International Short Programs

at CUOA Business School

Winter Edition

2017, January 16th – February 2nd

Challenge yourself in an exclusive international environment. 

Learn in-depth, expand your network, and have fun!

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3 intensive weeks, people from all over the world, company visits, project work activities, and time for cultural and tourism activities. 

The new competitive environment calls for a new brand of Leaders, equipped with the strengthened and innovative skills needed for being successful players in a global arena.

This intensive program in Italy aims to give participants the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and to master specific competences in business negotiations and intercultural management in an international environment. At the same time, participants will directly get in contact with and have a practical insight into the Italian socio-economic environment, where a wealth of clusters and districts of SMEs have gained worldwide reputation through diffuse entrepreneurship, internationalization and technological innovation.

International Management & Leadership

European companies have been showing great skill at producing products with superior quality in technology and design at the same time they strengthen their brand image in consumers’s minds.

The objective of the program is to get acquainted with these companies’ best practices and reflect upon the usage of these models in emerging countries’ context.

Business Strategy & Marketing Management

The course analyses in-depth strategies and managerial practices adopted by medium-size firms competing in the global market. Some of these companies reached leadership positions within their own sector and their brands are globally well-known.

Through the analysis of some successful case studies, the course will emphasize the role of creativity and entrepreneurship in defining the strategy, of the top management team in implementing the strategy and facing competition, and of innovation policies in competing around the world. This course is an advanced one: basic knowledge about strategy and organization is required.

Creativity, Innovation and New Businesses

Globalisation of sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution activities requires an effective (re-)design and efficient operations of logistics & supply chain management processes. The course aims to deepen knowledge in Logistics, Operations and quality control using, as a reference the concept of lean manufacturing (Toyostism) applied to factories and services.

Operation, Logistics & Lean Management

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