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International Short Programs

at CUOA Business School

Summer Edition, 11-28 July 2016

Challenge yourself in an exclusive international environment. 

Learn in-depth, expand your network, and have fun!

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3 intensive weeks, people from all over the world, company visits, project work activities, and time for cultural and tourism activities. 

Mr. Aayush Bakshi from India

Mr. Derrick Wayne Muntz from Midwest Missouri, USA

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Ms. Justyn Li from Los angeles, California

Ms. Simone Louise Ilett from Melbourne, Australia

International Management & Leadership

The new competitive environment calls for a new brand of Leaders, equipped with the strengthened and innovative skills needed for being successful players in a global arena.

Knowledge and Competencies that you will gain:

  • Understanding how cultural differences can impact on mutual perceptions of trustworthiness, credibility and the achievement of business objectives
  • Understanding and appreciating differences in approaches to team-working and managing these differences in order to achieve better results
  • Awareness of different approaches to effective communication when managing team members at a distance and across cultures
  • Gaining new insight into themselves as a potential leaders as well as the challenges and responses of practising leaders operating outside of their familiar cultural context
  • Knowing what your preferred influencing style is and then influencing others more strategically through your approach to communication
  • How to become a winning leader for a winning company giving participants the mindset, the approach, the methodology and the tools to manage people and projects in a super-V.U.C.A. world 
  • Acquiring specific intercultural communication, negotiation and bargaining skills in way to define and implement international development strategies, planning entry and distribution strategies in international markets, identifying and developing international Strategic Alliances and Partnerships in this new global and competitive scenery. 

Business Strategy & Marketing Management

European companies have been showing great skill at producing products with superior quality in technology and design at the same time they strengthen their brand image in consumers’s minds.

Knowledge and Competencies that you will gain:

  • How brands create value  
  • How to create and sustain strong brands
  • Creating competitive brand positioning
  • Key tools and techniques for managing a portfolio of brands
  • Developing a more informed perspective on global branding
  • How to capitalize on the ever-expanding world of new media
  • How to define industry boundaries 
  • What are the characteristics that need to be accounted for when evaluating the potential profitability of different businesses ranging from direct competitors to other value chain partners to customers
  • The evolution of the industry’s competitive conditions along its life cycle
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the basic competitive strategies 
  • The pathways to strategic innovation
  • Major current highlights regarding the new consumer habits all over the world, underlining which most important focus points could be useful in order to design new marketing strategies to be developed in different industries
  • Analysing the way the companies, mainly medium sized ones, enter the international markets. 

Creativity, Innovation and New Businesses

The role of creativity and entrepreneurship in defining the strategy is crucial to implementing the strategy and to face the competition.

Knowledge and Competencies that you will gain:

  • Defining a strategic plan for a new business 
  • Analyzing internal resources of a firm
  • Analyzing the features of the external environment in which firms compete
  • Designing a business model and its elements
  • Business model innovation
  • Managing projects of innovation
  • Understanding upcoming innovative trends in different scenarios 
  • The right creative technique for several different situations, hands-on use of one of them
  • How to select the idea to develop from a lot of ideas and how to present it. 

Operation, Logistics & Lean Management

Globalisation of sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution activities requires an effective (re-)design and efficient operations of logistics & supply chain management processes.

Knowledge and Competencies that you will gain:

  •  Defining a comprehensive logistics chain 
  • From Logistics to supply chain
  • Market trends in terms of supply chain management
  • The impact of globalization on the supply chain (SC)
  • The role of IT in the Supply Chain Forrester Effect
  • Objectives & Types Of Warehousing
  • Functions Of Warehousing 
  • Planning, Building & Design Of Warehouses 
  • Warehouse Management
  • Origins of Lean thinking
  • 5 principles
  • VOC
  • Lean Game
  • Continuous Improvement Approach, Deming’s Cycle
  • Value Stream Mapping procedure
  • Current State and Future State
  • Action Plan
  • Lean in Office and Service
  • SIPOC/Swim lane
  • Standardization TWI
  • 5S
  •  A3.

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